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  • 4th International Conference:

    - - On the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy!                       

    The 4th International Academic Polyamory Conference is happening on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, California, Feb 13-15, 2015 [The official name is "The International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy". (Last chance for the discount registration fee - price goes up again in four days!).

    The main focus of this event is upon academic/scientific presentations, but anyone interested in matters related to polyamory and consensual nonmonogamy is invited to attend! Lots of NEW information and fresh perspectives. EXAMPLE: Most Americans presume the main force pushing monogamy on everyone else is Christian Fundementalism. If so, then what's it like to be polyamorous in Japan - or Israel - where Christian fundementalism is virtually non-existent? How do people feel about polyamory in a place like Nepal, where the traditional culture has always permitted - (and sometimes demanded) - that women to have two or more simultaneous husbands? What do the French and Italian social scientists have to say about consensual nonmonogamy? Many poly folk presume polyamory is a purely white, middle class, suburban phenomena - but what do African Americans have to say about all this? is there polyamory in Latin America? Anarchists and New Age gurus have written much about polyamory - but what do serious psychological researchers and social scientists think about consensual nonmonogamy? Many folks still naively imagine polyamory was invented in California in the 1990s - but what do historians say about that? What is the real history of polyamory - and what's likely to go in the future?

  • Melbourne - Valentine's Day Discussion / Gathering

    Enjoy a Valentine's Day Gathering

    Having a romantic lunch or a heart-warming dinner on Valentine's Day (Saturday 14 February)? 

    (Or wishing that you were doing either one?)

    In the afternoon, why not join a fun discussion about love, relationships and the holiday that is dedicated to them both?

    Come to the Bayswater Youth Hall, at the corner of Station Street and Pine Road.  It's on between 1pm and 3pm, right across the street from the Bayswater train station, at the corner of Station Street and Pine Road.
    (Note:  Bayswater is inland, about 30km due east of Melbourne's CBD, between Ringwood and Ferntree Gully.)

    Of course, you're most welcome to bring partners and friends along, too.