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Poly Media

Enough for Four

Oct 27 2015
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- The Jane Doe Polyamory Poly Novel Experiment

*I'm writing one chapter a week and podcasting as I go. Welcome to the Experiment!*

Lily believes it is possible to have a romantic relationship with more than one person. This is a belief she acts on even though she is married. But Lily is no cheater. Nothing happens unless all parties agree. That is, until they don’t all agree. Through a chance meeting, Ava is excited to have potentially found happiness in Lily after years in a difficult marriage. Equally thrilled, Lily flies across the Midwest to spend a month with Ava. However, Lily has one big challenge: remain platonic until she is able to convince Ava’s husband, Carson, that love does not have to be limited to two. Lily's presence in their lives stirs up arguments and secrets which Ava and Carson haven't faced in years. It also causes issues in Lily's own marriage that she never knew existed to come to the surface. Forced under one roof, Lily, Ava, Carson, and Dominic try to abide by their own rules of what is right and wrong. But when unintended passions rise, no one is able to walk away.

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